Thirty-nine and One: Endbeginning

Dane Carder


This spring, threesquared presents an exhibition of new works by Nashville-based painter Dane Carder. Thirty-nine and One: Endbeginning, which coincides with the artist’s 40th birthday, will feature numerous large- and small-scale paintings, most of which are a part of a four-year painting project commemorating the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War.


Carder’s poignant, monochromatic paintings source images of war that serve as both memory and metaphor. “It’s about being passionate enough to fight, compassionate enough to grieve, honest enough to be open. It’s about ghosts and hopes,” he says. Blurred lines and deliberate out-of-focus forms emphasize the undeniable ambiguity inherent in matters of life and death, of war and peace, and of right and wrong.