Stomping Grounds

A group exhibition of photography


This winter, threesquared presents a group exhibition of photographic works by eight artists who revisited their past to photograph a place they once called home. The exhibition includes photographs by Dane Carder, Shie Clark, Derek Coté, Stephanie Eatherly, Johnathon Kelso, Johanna Lancaster, Adrienne Miller, and Aron Wright.

Navigating the idea of home, generally and personally, is complex. The ineffable sense of nostalgia when we return to places that shaped us—our old homes, streets, or cities—can be eerie and overwhelming. Memory is palpable for all of us; it stores itself within objects, clothing, and spaces. The physical space in which our past took place constantly evolves--a home is torn down, a field becomes a strip mall. But memory often halts that process, much like a photograph. Confronting the evolution of these charged spaces, and in turn one’s own progression through life, serves as the point of departure for each artist.