The Secret Room

David Hellams, Jenna Maurice, Jaime Raybin

Threesquared is excited to present "The Secret Room," a group show by three artists: David Hellams, Jenna Maurice, and Jaime Raybin. The work in this exhibition is largely born out of solitary meditation.  For the artists, all admissions recruiters at Watkins College of Art, Design & Film, alone time is part of the job.  Traveling solo around the United States each fall, they balance brief and intensely social situations like presentations and portfolio reviews with long stints on the road, on planes, and in hotel rooms. 


Hellams brings the experience of solitary contemplation home with a series of still lifes and interiors that blend the morose with the humorous. Maurice finds strange companions in the electrical outlets that populate the hotel rooms she stays in, generating small watercolors that playfully hint at the outlets’ facelike appearance. Raybin’s paintings are imaginative constructions that present narratives of social isolation and escapism on the road and in the workplace. 


Opening reception is on Friday, May 30th from 6-9 pm. Wine and light refreshments will be served. Parking is free.